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Essential nutrients. Vitamins and minerals

For a perfect state of health, it is essential to consume a minimum amount of vitamins, which is only achievable with a healthy diet. Vitamins are divided into two groups:

Liposoluble vitamins
These can be stored in our body. Typical examples are vitamins A, D and E.

Water-soluble vitamins
These are eliminated in the urine, so they must be supplied more frequently. Examples of water-soluble vitamins are vitamins from the B group (B1, B9…) and vitamin C

The following table shows the risks of deficiency of some of the main vitamins.

Tabla vitaminas

Eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, within a healthy, varied diet, is the best way of achieving your vitamin requirements.

Minerals, in spite of not supplying energy, are fundamental in preserving an optimal state of health. They have three important functions:

  1. Structural (that is, they form part of structures).
  2. Modelling (that is, they help in the construction of the tissues).
  3. Regulatory (they regulate processes, such as metabolic processes).

Tabla minerales

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